Peer-reviewed Articles

'Representative Democracy versus Government by Opinion,'

The Journal of Politics. Accepted for Publication.

‘"Popular Sovereignty that I Deny": Benjamin Constant on Public Opinion, Political Legitimacy and Constitution Making,’

Modern Intellectual History. FirstView.

‘Benjamin Constant and Public Opinion in Post-Revolutionary France,’
History of Political Thought. 40/3 (2019), pp. 484-514.

‘Benjamin Constant and the Politics of Reason,’
History of European Ideas. 44/2 (2018), pp. 224-243.  

Peer-reviewed Book Chapters

‘Moderation and Religion in France after the Revolution: Germaine de Staël and Benjamin Constant,’
in The Politics of Moderation in European History, eds. Ido de Haan and Matthijs Lok. Palgrave Studies in Political History (2019), pp. 49-65. 

Work in Progress

Public Opinion: from Rousseau to Tocqueville. Book Manuscript.

'The Metahistory of Liberalism.' Journal Article (Under Review).

'What is French Liberalism?' Journal Article.

‘Towards an Actor’s Category History of Liberalism.’ Journal Article.

‘The People’s Two Powers: Rousseau on Public Opinion and Popular Sovereignty.’ Journal Article.